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Susan and the boys

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       My dad was an Electrical Engineer and began my formal education at bedtime by reading me Pogo comic books. He lighted my fascination with history by explaining the political satire in Walt Kelly’s work.

       After graduating from the University of Akron with a BA in Education and a Ohio High School teaching certificate in my dual major of history and math, I went into business instead, because although math teachers got jobs instantly, no school would guarantee me a history course. The coaches had them sewed up. I have loved history ever since Pop read me Pogo, and I felt I would lose my mind if I couldn’t escape math for a while each week by sharing the fascinating stories of the past as if I were a story-teller instead of a history teacher. So, I chased smokestacks for ten years, buying and selling used electrical equipment and other industrial machinery. After that, I programmed computers for four decades, mostly as a hired gun (contract programmer) for companies like Sherwin Williams, Office Max, Goodyear, and others you never heard of.

       But now, I’m a writer. My lifetime of reading will often show in what I write because it is impossible for me to share a story without packing it full of history.

       Present times are always built on history. But Diary of a Robot is not so much about the past, nor is it so much a tale of science fiction. Consider it a story of future history since it and its sequel are starting to happen.